Piano with Headphone



ピアニストとDJの出会い。世界中からオファーのかかる数少ない日本人DJの抜群のサウンドセンスと、完全な音楽理論を持つピアニストの偶然の出会いから創りだされる先鋭的houseトラックとPianoメロディー! 世界の舞台へはばたくPiano with Headphone!
2007年11月銀座での初ライブで海外メディアの取材をうける。 六本木ヒルズ、表参道ヒルズ、velours など国内最高峰のラウンジにてライブ、サマーフェス、国内ツアー、2008年3月からサカス赤坂PCAにて月2回Piano with Headphone loungeのプロデュースをスタート、「MXTV東京カフェ」サウンドプロデュース、ドレスキャンプとのコラボ、ディズニーシーへの楽曲提供。注目度、オファーの数からも実力がうかがえる。楽曲も意欲的に製作していて、先鋭的な試みに挑戦し続けている。
ONI :東京、ヨーロッパ、アジアでDJ、トラックメーカーとして活動する。agehaでのコンスタントなプレイ、表参道ヒルズ3周年メインDJ、womb、赤坂BLITZ 、club citta, ,ZEPP名古屋出演、数千人規模のイベントにコンスタントに出演、ヨーロッパ、USでのリリース。
JUNKO :2歳よりピアノに触れ、学芸大学大学院ピアノ科卒。その後モスクワに渡り世界3大音楽院であるモスクワ音楽学院にてピアノを学ぶ、その後プロピアニストとして世界中で活躍する。

Style : piano + electro lounge music
Piano with Headphone is duo projects of DJOni and classic pianist Junko.
DJ met the pianist by chance at velours in Aoyama Tokyo. And, two artist started collaboration. Pianist who has perfect pitch with sense of ONI who acts internationally ®®become one!!  
The coverage from overseas media at PwH’s first live in Nov 2007. PwH lived at luxury place in Tokyo (Roppongi Hills, Omotesando Hillis, and velours Akasaka sakasu….) and produce TV program music ,CM music and fissions show music. It is possible to look for ability according to the number of a noteworthy level and offer. They keep challenging the music making the radical and the luxury.
Piano with Headphone to the world stage.
ONI : Dj, composer and remixer Dj Oni is a very active artist playing around Tokyo and London. He received a lot of respect from all different artists around the world. Dj Oni gained his production skill through various studio collaborations with producers from London and Madrid. He takes away barriers between trance, house, electro, techhouse and techno ; always including tracks with a lot of percussion elements. His Dj sets are based on his own unreleased material and promo tracks received from artists all over the world. Dj Oni performed on various major Tokyo events for thousands of people and got everybody shaking. His own resident nights include Minami ? Aoyama Velours . He is a regular performer of ageha(The biggest club in Japan).--
JUNKO started a piano career from two years old. JUNKO graduates from a Gakugei University graduate school piano department that is the prestigious university of Japan. After Junco learns the piano in Moscow Academy of Music. JUNKO is a very active pianist playing around the world.

Piano with Headphone/myspace http://www.myspace.com/pianowithheadphone