幼い頃からRock,Hip Hop,Techno,World Music,classic等幅広いジャンルの音楽を好み、分け隔てなく聴いて育つ。
15才からギター、ベースとしてバンドで活動。19才で渡米し、現地のHip HopCrewと交流を持つ。
またUKクラブサウンドにも強い影響を受けており、Hip Hop,Break Beatsを中心にダンサブルなトラックメイクをモットーとする。
Hip Hop MC、アーティストへの楽曲提供も行っている。

During his teen, he grew up listening to all sorts of music such as Rock, Hip Hop, World Music and Classics and started playing a guitar and a base in a band at the age of 15.
He went to U.S when he was 19 and was strongly inspired by meeting Hip Hop Crew.
This experience led him to start making tracks based on sampling music after coming back to Japan.
Under the influent of UK clubbing sound also, his motto is to create good dancing tracks of mainly Hip Hop and Break Beats.
He is currently a member of “ElephanTRoll” as a track/beat maker and contributes tracks to artists as well. .

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